Have We Already Decided to Lose?

Does anyone have a plan for us to NOT lose big in November?

Can we please put our heads together and come up with something?

Does anyone else feel like the progressive movement has become boring, technocratic, and funder-driven?

The Tea Party didn’t say: “let’s figure out a way to create measurable results to make funders want to fund us again after we lose.”

They said: “Let’s do crazy shit and get on TV and get our base riled up, derail the Democrats’ entire agenda, and try to WIN.”

And they’re doing it.

Is there anyone who wants to push back in a big way?  Is there anyone who wants to go big? Go rogue? Play to win this year?

Where’s the energy? Where’s the outrage?  Where’s the creativity?

Our most creative idea this year seems to be Trick or Vote which Jefferson Smith came up with back in 2003. That’s good. I love Trick or Vote.

What else do we got?

What’s our big response to Arizona? What’s our big response to the job crisis? They have I Need A Freaking Job. What’s our version?

A lot of people seem resigned to losing and feeling demoralized. People seem to think we need a lot of money to run effective programs.

I think if we have new exciting game-changing ideas, we can do a lot on team spirit, 21st Century technology and volunteer-power.

As an example, the Coffee Party managed to get 200k Facebook friends, organize 1200 events, 150 meetings with Congress, and tons of media coverage for less than $20k.  The Internet is an amazing thing.

What else can we do? Let’s brainstorm!

I don’t know about you but I didn’t spend the last several years building up this movement to lose in November and let every policy we need (energy, immigration, campaign finance, etc) fall victim to gridlock.

Where’s our team spirit for winning? Where’s our pride? What’s our plan to get to 60 votes in the Senate?

I admit it’s hard, bordering on impossible. I admit the odds are against us. But everything important we have done has been hard, bordering on impossible.

The Tea Party isn’t any smarter than we are. They are not any better at organizing. They don’t have any more money as far as I know.

So what’s stopping us?

I’m asking this as a serious question.

Our generation has to live up to its potential. We need to somehow get the juices flowing again…

I would love to hear from anyone on or offline with ideas or desire to collaborate!



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