Book Tour / Swing State Tour

Super rough dates. Still confirming. Can’t believe I actually finished this book…  I’ll put up a new version in a few weeks when dates and events are confirmed. The purpose of this tour is to rally people to organize in Swing States, or to travel to them –and to spark the larger conversation of how we build a Super Movement over the next 20-30 years.

Thurs Aug 26 MA Boston??
Fri 27 NY
Sat 28 NY
Sun 29 CA SF
Mon 30 CA Oak/Berkley
Tues 31 CA LA
Wednesday Sept 1 CA LA
Thursday 2 NV Vegas
Friday 3 NV Vegas/Reno?
Saturday 4 MN –
Sunday 5 Billy Jamie Wedding MN –
Monday 6 Jamie Wedding MN Twin Cities
Tuesday 7 IL Chicago
Wednesday 8 IL Chicago
Thursday 9 IL Chicago
Friday 10 IL Chicago
Saturday 11 IL IL Urbana ??
Sunday 12 IL IL ??
Monday 13 IN Indy? Bloomington?
Tuesday 14 MO St. Louis
Wednesday 15 MO St. Louis
Thursday 16 MO Columbia
Friday 17 MO Kansas City
Saturday 18 Billy NM Marisol Wedding –
Sunday 19 NM Albuquerque
Monday 20 NM Santa Fe
Tuesday 21 CO Boulder
Wednesday 22 CO Denver
Thursday 23 NY NYC
Friday 24 KY Louisville Coffee Party
Saturday 25 KY Louisville Booked Coffee Party
Sunday 26 KY Louisville booked Coffee Party
Tuesday 28 OH Cincinnati
Wednesday 29 OH Columbus
Thursday 30 OH Cleveland
Friday Oct 1 Travel DC Travel
Sat 2 DC March?? DC Booked
Sun 3 DC MArch?? DC
Mon 4 OH Athens
Tues 5 OH Oberlin
Wed 6 OH Toledo
Thurs 7 OH Bowling Green
Fri 8 OH Dayton
Sat 9 NY NYC
Sun 10 NY NYC
Mon 11 NY NYC
Tues 12 PA Philly
Wed 13 PA State College
Thurs 14 PA IUP? Bethlehem?
Fri 15 PA Pittsburgh
Sat 16 PA Pittsburgh
Sun 17 PA Philly
Mon 18 DC DC
Tues 19 DE Newark? Wilmington?
Wed 20 VA Charlottesville
Thurs 21 NC Raleigh
Fri 22 NC Durham Chapel Hill
Sat 23 NC Asheville
Sun 24 NC Charlotte
Mon 25 FL Miami
Tues 26 FL Orlando
Wed 27 FL Gainesville
Thurs 28 OH Columbus
Fri 29 OH Cincinnati
Sat 30 OH Cleveland
Sun 31 OH Kent
Mon Nov 1 OH Columbus
Tues 2 OH Columbus
Wed 3 OH Columbus


2 responses to “Book Tour / Swing State Tour

  1. Sad I guess I’ll just have to jet over to MN or down to IL if I want to see you! 🙂

  2. You think you might be stopping by New York on the 27th and 28th? Where would the event be?

    I just picked up your book No More Prisons at a bookstore in Austin called Domy. Very cool place. I haven’t been able to read a book in months but I think I might make it thru this one.

    I read maybe a dozen of your bios, scattered across the net, and I really admire what you’re doing and what you’ve done. It’s an issue I’m very interested in and care a lot about. It’s always good to see others fighting for this.

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