Tea Party = Koch Party

And they’re about to kick our ass… Read these two articles and weep. Our side has nothing this vertically integrated at scale. Our philanthropists aren’t as strategic and don’t get how to tap the power of the grassroots.

Shaping Tea Party Passion into Campaign Force –NY Times

Covert Operations (Billionaires Against Obama) –New Yorker

Read these two articles and then call me to volunteer! 646-346-0248 cell


2 responses to “Tea Party = Koch Party

  1. I don’t know if I can do it Billy, seems futile. What have I done to my daughter teaching her this was her world, G.

  2. kenmeer livermaile

    Here’s the crux as I see it: so the far right has a hugely successful top-down apparatus for creating bottoms-up grassroot movements that the top can use to further secure its power. That’s bad, yes. But it’s no model to emulate. Does the Left want a top down apparatus for creating bottoms-up grassroot movements that the top can use to further secure its power?

    I think not. We’ve watched Obama use his bully pulpit to put aside or weaken or literally betray virtually all of the things for which we worked to get him elected.

    The nature of the Left is that there is no top we can call on, George Soros et al notwithstanding, except the very government itself, since the Left is the party of making the government work for us, not the party of destroying the government (as the right has become).

    Yet the Left is, if anything, less amenable to solidarity because the Left is full of those intellectuals Hitler despised and dismissed for their dogged individuality and reluctance to march in goose-stepping formation.

    The Left coheres around ideas most of them based on extrapolations of ‘what if’ and ‘if this goes on’. It is when those ideas become fulfilled prophecy (as in the Great depression) that the Left coheres and attracts much of the center/right. Then things *happen*. But until then, the Left is inherently weaker than the Right in terms of forming a bloc around a few core ideas. Hell, we could only form a bloc around Obama because a) he wasn’t Bush, b) he was a mostly unknown, hence putatively ‘pure’ politician, but possessed the right backstory to credibly appear to be what we were looking for, c) he was born to be a demagogue, having rare communication gifts, d) was poised to be the first real shot at having a non-white president (really a subset of b), and e) campaigned in the wake of the nastiest decade since… (really a subset of a).

    He was the top-down around which we might cohere, and we formed great solidarity around him (and Dem legislators), but he friggin’ broke our hearts and yes, the far right is gonna eat our 2010 lunch and they deserve it. We bet it all on a phony loser and now it’s the far right’s turn to bet their all on a phony loser, which they will (Jan Brewer? Sarah Palin? John Boehner? Lindsey ‘Big Boy Pants’ Graham?)

    The far right has a set of ideals easily packaged into a simple-minded commodity. Put on a tri-cornered hat, toot a fife, throw around words and phrases like freedom, god, country, constitution, right to bear arms, enforce existing laws…

    The Left suffers from a combination of yearning ideals for things yet to be (like gays being fully entitled citizens) and things direly needing solution (post-peak oil energy solutions). The Left, aspiring to progressivism, can’t just sit back in a motorized wheelchair reupholstered as a Conestoga wagon and claim to be fighting for fait accompli good old days. The Left knows the old days weren’t very good at all. The Left suffers the affliction of having an adequate purchase on reality, and reality is a tough sell.

    It is when the good old days become the bad current days (again, think of the Depression) that the Left can cohere itself into something that the center and some of the right will also join in pursuit of better (or at least survivable) future days.

    We thought that the longest and least winnable war(s) in USA history, a rotten economy, a drop in global stature from beacon on a hill to de facto terrorist empire, and an inability to take care of our own during a predictably devastating natural disaster in New Orleans, etc etc, would be bad enough current days to parlay our hope into change we could not only believe in but experience.

    Sadly, no. We bought a finely nuanced brand of snake-oil, far more nuanced and strategic than anything the Koch Brothers are selling to the teabaggers, and potentially more deadly because it has so effectively demoralized the amazing populist movement that gave America its first Afro-American president with a Muslim name that sounds like the 20-Oughts’ two poster boys fore evil: Osama and Hussein.

    This blame it on the Kochs/bow to the superior stategery of the Kochs’ noises we hear of late is so.much.bull.shit. It’s all Soros’ fault or something, right? Wrong.

    Do we need to organize? Duh. We always need to organize. But just as it takes money to make money, it requires history to make history. Things will have to become much worse before there is adequate consensus on how to make them better.

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