Opportunity Missouri?

I just had an amazing time in Missouri. St Louis event was off-the-chain, the biggest yet with 80+ people. Many of the key artists and organizers in town showed up. The event sparked a late night strategy session and energy to run at least one candidate for Alderman! I felt like the charts and ven diagrams in the book were coming to life before my eyes.

We had a smaller crowd in Columbia, Missouri but they turned out to be super motivated. At dinner afterward, I told them about my friend Maura Brown in Portland who got excited after the reading and decided to buy a box of 39 books from the publisher to re-sell on the streets of Portland. She started making posters and putting them out all over Portland, Olympia and Eugene.

Crews in St. Louis and Columbia decided they wanted to do the same thing.  They bought my boxes of books from me outright and are planning to paint the town with them.

But it’s not just a book selling strategy. It’s an election strategy. Sell books. Make money. Recruit volunteers. Make voter guides. Print voter guides with money from book sales. Use voter guide distribution to get out the vote…A Missouri Model. Can it work? Can it spread?

Folks in Missouri were also extremely excited about the potential of replicating Opportunity Maine, the League of Young Voters-supported initiative to pay off college debt for students who stay in state after they graduate.


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