Supermovement NYC @ Bluestockings

Bluestockings was so inspiring. They ran out of books! Freakin Rahul Aggarwal from 7th grade at Kenwood showed up!  Along with dozens of people from my past lives. Book tour + Facebook = high school reunion.

Ava Farkas really likes the idea of the supermovement and suggested we do supermovement parties! Lenore came and she said we need to celebrate our victories more.  Heather and Han gave me their copy to give to Mos Def who was randomly standing outside. Mos Def and Talib Kweli used to run a bookstore in Brooklyn (Nkiru Books), and they used to sell Bomb The Suburbs. I once randomly spoke to Kweli on the phone in 1995 about doing a book signing (!). Anyway, Mos Def got it, immediately –that it’s a book about our generation growing up. I still owe Heather and Han a book.

A couple of us afterward came up with an idea of starting an NYC Bombing Crew… I know. I know. The point is to get the book and the ideas out in NYC urban culture. We’re going to cover NYC and the internet in Please Don’t Bomb the Suburbs. It’s hard to get people to discuss serious ideas. But we are persistent. And we’re not alone.

Can’t wait to come back for NYC Part 2 at Greenlight Books in Ft. Greene October 11!


One response to “Supermovement NYC @ Bluestockings

  1. BLUESTOCKINGS is the joint!

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