We passed 300 Voter Guides!

TheBallot.org is gaining momentum. With mentions on Daily Kos, Mashable, HuffPost, Alternet, Mother Jones, Fire Dog Lake, KPFA, and others; tweets by prominent individuals including Russell Simmons, and amazing partners, we saw a huge spike in traffic this week. Go team!

TheBallot.org now features 300+ voter guides, representing 47 states. We’ve hired a high-level publicist, printed 50,000 stickers and large signs for the Vote Sanity rally on Saturday and have dozens of volunteers ready to put stickers on everyone that moves!

We expect TheBallot.org to get a huge rush on Monday and Tuesday, and we’re adding bandwidth to make sure we can handle huge volume.

Please email, blog, facebook, tweet, link like crazy!

Three voting resources to share with everyone you know:

1.    Polling Place Locator (New tool by Google and VIP)

2. Local Voter Guides (Find one or create your own)

3.    Election Hotline (Ask questions and report problems)

The #1 reason people don’t vote –tragically –is that they lack basic information and no one reminds them.  Please take 15 minutes to send out an email, go through your phone, Facebook, texts, and simply remind your friends to vote.  Make sure you and your friends know polling place locations and what’s on your ballot.

Thousands of close, important elections (at all levels) across the country could be decided by a few hundred votes.  You and your friends participating and volunteering could make all the difference.


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