A NOVEMBER SURPRISE? Progressive Comeback Time!!

Could we pull off a November Surprise?

Nate Silver from the New York Times wrote: “5 Reasons Why Democrats Could Beat The Polls And Hold The House.”

The upshot: Polls under-sample cellphone users, who are mostly young and low-income folks. And: Democrats probably have a stronger field operation.

Here are two more possible reasons:

1. Strong progressive online vote push. From the Dems’ “Commit To Vote” tool, which blew up everyone’s Facebook homepage last week, to Facebook’s new Election Day Feature (close to 4 million votes as of 1:07pm), to Google / NOI’s Polling Place Locator Tool to YourFuckingPollingPlace.com.

2. Sanity Rally and Obama Rallies: We don’t yet know the impact of the last few days of activity. Between the inspiration of Saturday’s Sanity rally, and the fear of “Holy Shit, the right-wing really might take over again,” we might have a late-breaking surge of enthusiasm.

The upshot:  We need to pull out all the stops to win right now.

THIS DAY IS NOT OVER. Please please PLEASE DROP EVERYTHING and call, text, Facebook, Tweet, email everyone you can to vote until the polls close.

F The Polls. It’s Progressive Comeback Time.


For the Love of God, Let’s Finish Strong –for our children and our children’s children! No regrets in the morning!

Please ask everyone you know to call and text everyone in their phone, Call Out the Vote, Facebook and Tweet, TheBallot.org and grab one of the VOTE SANITY profile pics (or another VOTE profile pic) for Facebook. We have to stereo surround sound every possible voter.

Inevitably there will be several races that come down to a few dozen or a few hundred votes. Those are the ones we can still swing. Let’s treat every single election like it could come down to a few dozen votes. It just might.

Elections are like the NBA playoffs. Field organizations and bloggers are the coaches and cheerleaders. Local volunteers are the star players.

After the game, we’ll debrief and talk about where we go from here.

But right now, it’s half time. We’re in the locker room.They said we were going to be demolished. But we’re actually hold our own in the first half. Just a couple points behind. We need to drink some water and get ready for the second half.

We can win this game but we have to fight for it. We have to believe in ourselves.

We have to want it.

We have to be hungrier than they are.

We have to fight until the last buzzer.

Until the last polling place closes in Hawaii. We can still win this.

But we have to finish strong.


One response to “A NOVEMBER SURPRISE? Progressive Comeback Time!!

  1. Keep hope alive (thanks Jesse) no matter what happens tonight!

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