What can we do now? (personal)

Davey D asked me on the radio this morning: “What can we do now?”

I have a few thoughts:

Take some personal time: We have all gone through a trauma together and we have a lot to be proud of too. This week is a good time to rest, spend time with friends and family, celebrate what we accomplished, read books and newspapers, re-charge our batteries, clean the house, go exercise, do a lot of writing, have rich conversations about “Where do we go from here?” Personally and as a community. Grieve. Go on long walks.  The most important things: Get together with friends, food, music, crying, laughter, and in the serious moments, keep asking the question: What can we do now?

Ask it gently in different ways:

What can we do NOW?

What can we DO now?

What can WE do now?

We don’t need to begin with answers. And the best answers may not come right away.  But I guarantee that if we keep asking this question over the next few months, creative answers will begin to emerge… We don’t need to jump into action right away. We just need to keep asking ourselves the question. The time for action will come soon enough.

I’m feeling huge gratitude today for all the people who partnered with us, from full-time volunteers to people who simply shared a local voter guide or changed your profile pic to VOTE SANITY on Facebook. Making a list 🙂

Excited for Rootscamp self-organized election/movement debriefs in 25 states Nov 13-14 and the national on in DC December 11-12.

And now, I return to doing the dishes, watching a movie with Lenore, and cutting my hair.

“Self-care is not self-indulgence. It is self-preservation. And that is an act of political warfare.”  –Audre Lorde

Then again, if you’re fired up to push Congress to accomplish something in the next few months, Credo mobile just created a pretty good ten point plan. It doesn’t include Dream Act and Immigration reform, but otherwise it’s a great start!


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