Romney – Gekko 2012

I don’t know if everyone was aware that, in my spare time, I joined the Romney for President Campaign. That’s right, and I’m unofficially helping pull together an event tomorrow at 7:30am in NYC.

We’re going to be out there supporting Romney and his running mate Gordon Gekko (of Wall Street The Movie Fame)
Romney Gekko 2012
At the Hyatt right by Grand Central Station.
Grand Hyatt, New York
109 E. 42nd Street.
7:30 AM
Wednesday, Nov 2
Pass on to your NY friends!

One response to “Romney – Gekko 2012

  1. Mr. Billy Upski Wimsatt

    I have read all your books and gotten a lot out of them I feel. Thanks for all the work you’ve done to communicate your ideas and motivate people.

    Could you please tell me whether I’ve read correctly that you have joined the campaign to elect Mitt Romney to the US presiducch…excuse me, my stomach….

    I’d be glad to read anything you’ve written explaining your decision to support Romney, if in fact this is the case. I’m holding out some hope that their is a tongue and cheek subversive edge to this I’m missing. If not, I’m willing to be open minded.

    Please consider making some statement to your readership in regards to your switching camps. I can’t be the only who might feel mortified, disenchanted and sad to the bottom of my stomach if your…ha ha ha. I looked at the poster. Look before you leap huh!? Phew. But I will post this anyway so you know how strong the feelings are. Keep up the good work.



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