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Don’t worry – we would never do that in a million years!

Ian Brennan, Creator of GLEE in Wisconsin

Billy Parish’s new book: Making Good = Good Sh*t

Reading Billy Parish & Dev Aujla’s book, Making Good. Thoroughly enjoyable read by two Millennials that reads like What Color is Your Parachute? for savvy young change agents.
I just bought 20 copies online to give away to friends who are trying to figure out what to do with their lives. Engrossing and helpful – I highly recommend!
ps. Two ways to buy it:
Order from a local independent bookstore:


Editorial Reviews


“Society has many names for those of us determined to rethink, reimagine and rebuild the world. But the labels do little to resolve the confusion within you about what specifically you are called to do–or how you might actually get paid to do it. Within this small book are many of the tools you need to identify and build on in order to overcome your doubts and transform both yourself and the world around you. Making money and affecting positive change in this new economy are not mutually exclusive–in fact, they are very much connected. Rebuilding this economy is not just a technological challenge, it is a moral challenge. Only this generation is diverse enough, loving enough, determined enough, and connected enough to meet the true moral challenge that we face. This inspiring and practical book explains how to take some of these incredible assets our civilization has developed and shows us, step by step, how to redirect them for good.” —Van Jones, author of The Green Collar Economy and Rebuild the Dream


“If you take this book with the seriousness it deserves, it will change you and you will change the world. I’m usually dubious of ‘self-help’ books; this is something entirely different–far deeper, and far far more useful.” —Bill McKibben, author of The End of Nature, co-founder of

“A manifesto and map for a generation desperate for jobs. Making Good shows readers not so much how they can find any old job, but more how you can create a career path that can generate meaning, purpose and money.” —Bill Drayton, founder and CEO of Ashoka, founder of Get America Working!

“Dev Aujla and Billy Parish have written a practical, inspiring, quietly subversive guide that speaks directly to this generation’s desire to create their own economy and become their own heroes.” —Anya Kamenetz, senior writer at Fast Company, author of Generation Debt and DIY U

“Dev and Billy are two of the brightest lights in the coming transformation, the great turning. This emerging reimagination of what it means to be human at a time when every living system is failing. Making Good is a personal, taut, authentic, how-to-do-it care manual for the active, idealistic, and pragmatic. It is a powerfully instructive, even canonical, for a generation born into a crazy quilt world of conflict and corporate dominance who want to do more than speak truth to power, a generation that is bringing power to the truth.” —Paul Hawken, author of The Ecology of Commerce and Natural Capitalism

Making Good is a motivating and practical guide for the personal desire, and global urgency, to align our economics with our well-being.” —Josh Thome, National Geographic Emerging Explorer + 4REAL TV Series Creator

“Billy Parish and Dev Aujla embarked on a remarkably ambitious book. Not content to educate and mobilize on global warming and social justice, they have written a ‘how to’ book for ethical living in a corrupt economy. It is a practical guide to ensure that ‘making a living’ does not compromise ‘having a life.’ Making Good could change the world.” —Sara Horowitz, president of Freelancers Union

“This is not only the real deal–it has to be one of the most important and essential reads of today. What you can learn here will help create the positive shifts we all so desperately crave.” —David de Rothschild, author of The Global Warming Survival Handbook, founder of Adventure Ecology

“My generation, I’m afraid, has let our dear country go into steep decline, but Making Good by two of our brightest young people offers solid hope for rebirth. It does that the only true and lasting way, by inspiring people at the personal level to a new way of thinking, living and working.” —Gus Speth, former administrator of United Nations Development Program

“The current unemployment crisis is enough to get anyone down, but Parish and Aujla are here to brighten the gloomy atmosphere. Where others see hopelessness, they see opportunity. This enthusiastic handbook urges the jobless and the underemployed to venture out, virtually skip the corporate world all together and embrace the power of ‘non-linear’ career paths…A fresh way to look at the challenges facing job seekers today.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Highly recommended. An uplifting primer filled with practical insights for students who want to effect global change without sacrificing personal financial security or stability. The business acumen, leadership skills, as well as real-life examples illustrated here draw a compelling picture of careers that combine purpose and sustainable security.” —Library Journal 

About the Author

Billy Parish is President of Solar Mosaic, a solar energy marketplace, and founder of Energy Action Coalition, the largest youth advocacy organization in the world working on the climate crisis. He lives in Oakland, CA.
Dev Aujla is the founder and executive director of DreamNow, a charitable organization that works with young people to develop, fund, and implement their social change projects. He lives in Toronto and New York.

What Would MLK Do?

Very proud of this video. Shout outs to Thenmozhi and Rebuild the Dream.

Romney – Gekko 2012

I don’t know if everyone was aware that, in my spare time, I joined the Romney for President Campaign. That’s right, and I’m unofficially helping pull together an event tomorrow at 7:30am in NYC.

We’re going to be out there supporting Romney and his running mate Gordon Gekko (of Wall Street The Movie Fame)
Romney Gekko 2012
At the Hyatt right by Grand Central Station.
Grand Hyatt, New York
109 E. 42nd Street.
7:30 AM
Wednesday, Nov 2
Pass on to your NY friends!

Spotted in Columbus… these are all over OSU campus

Don’t CUT Our Future (Human Pyramid)


O-H-I-O. John Boehner? Oh Hell No!

Memo to Boehner: Have fun speaking at OSU Graduation tomorrow!

Ohio State Students: Turn Your Back on Boehner

John Boehner is speaking at OSU Graduation.  I’m proud to see students creatively responding:

Boehner Facts:

Boehner’s Budget eliminates good jobs and green jobs for grads at a time when youth unemployment is twice the national average.
• Boehner’s Budget would eliminate or drastically cut Americorps, destroying more than 75,000 jobs for young people who want to serve their fellow citizens.
• Clean energy research and development and loans would disappear or downsize significantly, along with the new jobs they create in areas like wind and solar energy and battery-powered car development.

Slashes job training at a time when young workers need it most.
• By rolling back funding for education and job training to 2008 levels, Boehner will keep students from learning the skills they need to find a job.
• This makes no sense at a time when more than 80% of jobs now require some kind of post-high school training. This generation needs more training, not less to thrive in the 21st century economy.

Boehner’s Budget cuts funding that helps the lowest income students go to college.
• The neediest college students would lose $2,350 in Pell grant aid next school year and
more than 1.4 million students will be ineligible for grants entirely.3
• This is the wrong time to cut Pell grants as states raise tuition and reduce funding for higher education. Pell grants only cover about a third of the cost of attending college as it

Boehner’s Budget takes away health insurance for young people and increases our costs of care.
The Budget will repeal the health reform law. This will mean:
• You can’t stay on your parent’s insurance until age 26.
• Low-income adults won’t get help paying for high-cost individual insurance.
• People with asthma, diabetes, or other pre-existing conditions could be unable to get insurance.

More Save the American Dream pics

The most surprising one was this blown-up photo of Jasiri X, standing in Madison, WI holding his own sign: Fox News will lie about this. Other pics: My homegirl (and MoveOn organizer) Mariana Ruiz with Austin King, former Madison City Council President.