O-H-I-O. John Boehner? Oh Hell No!

Memo to Boehner: Have fun speaking at OSU Graduation tomorrow!

Ohio State Students: Turn Your Back on Boehner

John Boehner is speaking at OSU Graduation.  I’m proud to see students creatively responding:


Boehner Facts:

Boehner’s Budget eliminates good jobs and green jobs for grads at a time when youth unemployment is twice the national average.
• Boehner’s Budget would eliminate or drastically cut Americorps, destroying more than 75,000 jobs for young people who want to serve their fellow citizens.
• Clean energy research and development and loans would disappear or downsize significantly, along with the new jobs they create in areas like wind and solar energy and battery-powered car development.

Slashes job training at a time when young workers need it most.
• By rolling back funding for education and job training to 2008 levels, Boehner will keep students from learning the skills they need to find a job.
• This makes no sense at a time when more than 80% of jobs now require some kind of post-high school training. This generation needs more training, not less to thrive in the 21st century economy.

Boehner’s Budget cuts funding that helps the lowest income students go to college.
• The neediest college students would lose $2,350 in Pell grant aid next school year and
more than 1.4 million students will be ineligible for grants entirely.3
• This is the wrong time to cut Pell grants as states raise tuition and reduce funding for higher education. Pell grants only cover about a third of the cost of attending college as it

Boehner’s Budget takes away health insurance for young people and increases our costs of care.
The Budget will repeal the health reform law. This will mean:
• You can’t stay on your parent’s insurance until age 26.
• Low-income adults won’t get help paying for high-cost individual insurance.
• People with asthma, diabetes, or other pre-existing conditions could be unable to get insurance.

More Save the American Dream pics

The most surprising one was this blown-up photo of Jasiri X, standing in Madison, WI holding his own sign: Fox News will lie about this. Other pics: My homegirl (and MoveOn organizer) Mariana Ruiz with Austin King, former Madison City Council President.

Glenn Beck is our best spokesperson

I don’t like to brag too much about my wife Lenore.  So I was really glad when my friend Noland sent me this note:


nice work lenore.

Cheese Not Koch Day

I am so proud of Lenore and the thousands of other people, but mostly Lenore, for organizing pro-Wisconson rallies in all 50 state capitals in like three days. I’m at the NY rally right now, loving every moment.

CHICAGO TONIGHT -See you there

Progressive Alliance PAC Launch from 6-9 p.m. at Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery, 1 W Grand.

Five Myths About The Suburbs (My first Washington Post Op-Ed)

Suddenly, I am an expert on suburbs.


The scariest thing about this piece was my interview with Arthur C. Nelson, who is actually an expert on the cost of suburban sprawl at the University of Utah. He described to me the cost of maintenance on suburban infrastructure as a “2 TRILLION dollar infrastructure time bomb” that will haunt taxpayers for generations to come, and is likely to bankrupt many suburban towns.