Please Don’t Bomb the Suburbs

The new book from acclaimed author William Upski Wimsatt.

About Please Don’t Bomb the Suburbs

AS A POTTY-MOUTHED GRAFFITI WRITER from the South Side of Chicago, William Upski Wimsatt electrified the literary and hip-hop world with two of the most successful underground classic books in a generation, Bomb the Suburbs (1994) and No More Prisons (1999), which combined sold more than 90,000 copies.

In Please Don’t Bomb the Suburbs, Wimsatt weaves a first-person tour of America’s cultural and political movements from 1985–2010. It’s a story about love, growing up, a generation coming of age, and a vision for the movement young people will create in the new decade. With humor, story-telling, and historical insight, Wimsatt lays out a provocative vision for the next 25 years of personal and historical transformation.

Praise for Please Don’t Bomb the Suburbs

“Wimsatt’s level of sincerity and enthusiasm is refreshing and bracing, and the book stands as a reminder that anybody who wants to help improve the world can find plenty of ways to get busy, and also have a great time doing it. Spray cans optional.” (Literary Kicks)

“Yes, Wimsatt is at it again. Sounding the alarm. Rallying the troops. Encouraging the illumination of our better selves. And asking some damn good questions.” (CounterPunch)

5 responses to “Please Don’t Bomb the Suburbs

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  5. Kelly High Crusader

    This book was the best wake-up call I ever had! As a high school student, it disappoints me that more people my age are not getting involved in stuff like community organizing. Billy does a great job in talking to my generation,telling us that we all need to start doing things ourselves instead of waiting around for the government to do it for us. Yes,we can save the world! Thanks Billy for writing this book and thanks Mr. Cvetkovic for telling me to read it!

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